Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kamiak High School Sandy Hook Well Tribute (video)

The story of a clean water well constructed by Well Done Organization ( and funded by Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, Washington. The well, located in Buchanan, Liberia, was built in honor of the victims of the Sandy Hook mass shooting that occurred on December 14, 2012. Students and staff from Kamiak raised funds in just a few days as people from the Mukilteo community joined together to pay respects to the victims. Their hope was that, from such a tragic event, clean water could provide something: LIFE. 
Love. Honor. Remember.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013


(Guest post by Wishadoo! Community member, Angela)

Tony, my cat, killed a robin this morning. He brought it to the door, so proud and happy, but all I could do was scream at him. As soon as I yelled, he dropped the bird and ran to hide under the barn. He was so proud, and I had broken his heart. I had looked at his gift and told him it was bad.

Not really sure what to do, I took the bird to the edge of the woods, and sat down and cried. I cried for the bird. Did it have babies? Would they survive? I cried for my cat. Would this destroy his spirit? I cried for the world; for everyone who has ever given a gift and been reproached. What happened to being truly grateful to another soul for doing something for us without being asked or guilted or obligated? What happened to looking at the gift for what it is, and only what it is -- another remembering us and wanting to make our day happier or easier?

This is what is being revealed to us as a global society. We've been so conditioned to keep our "eyes on the prize" that we've lost the joy of everything else. Yeah, a dead bird is pretty gross, but it was Tony's catly way of letting me know I'm his and he cares for me. Would that we all could sit and listen and accept and enjoy each other's gifts, even if it is the gift of company, of listening. I believe that for the entire world, this is our new task: accepting with love what is given to us with love, and taking the time to see the gift for what it is -- an expression of love.

I didn't win the PowerBall drawing last night. It would have made me happy beyond belief to win it -- alas, it didn't happen this time. I did win $10 for matching a few numbers, and I'm working on letting go of the disappointment of not winning the big money and being thankful for a $10 return on a $2 ticket bought. That's actually not too shabby, when you think about it: My investment returned to me x 5, overnight. So I'm focusing on that $10, and letting go of the thoughts of what I didn't get.. The Universe loves me, and sent me a little wink last night to remind me of that.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013


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The Pakistan General Elections are under way. 

Malala Yousafzai is the epitome of COURAGE and INTEGRITY, at the tender age of 15.

But she is not alone.  There is a movement afoot in Pakistan. The Charter for Compassion|Pakistan has been doing amazing work over the last few years, and have been very involved in encouraging citizens of Pakistan to have the courage to vote. 

From the Charter for Compassion|Pakistan: 

"On your marks... Get set... Vote! 

Courage will drive us to change, courage will help us identify ourselves and rise to any challenge. Courage will help us make a difference. 

Years from now, when we look back in time we can proudly say that we stood united even in the toughest of times only because we believed in a better Pakistan, and its that belief that gave us the courage to vote." 

PLEASE CLICK HERE to sign the Charter for Compassion

CLICK the image below to join the 

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Thursday, May 2, 2013



It's too easy to become overwhelmed by the plethora of critical issues Humanity faces, and what we as individuals face each day in our own lives.  More and more of us are struggling to survive, fewer are thriving.

People turn away because it all feels too much, too BIG; they feel helpless, then hopeless.

We need to re-evaluate our priorities as individuals, as a society, as nations, don't you agree?

Perhaps answering this question is easier if you literally list what – and who -- you value most in your everyday life.

There are so many critical issues requiring attention in the world, it seems we must triage our situation, nationally and globally. 

Let's begin here, together, to narrow the focus.  Let's share our personal views and values, from our perspective:  the average citizen.  We can be thought leaders, too, right?

Along with listing what you feel are the most pressing problems, if you have any ideas or know of potential solutions (or organizations working on it), please share.

If you would like to be part of an ongoing conversation regarding identifying and prioritizing our values, and having a dialogue regarding how to put these values into action in practical ways in our daily lives – starting wherever you may be – please contact me to let me know.

If you're ready to dive in right now and be part of this conversation, you can join us HERE, a group created for this purpose at Wishadoo.   

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