Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This is the First Step for Wishadoo! :)

As we wade through the technicalities of launching the official website at www.wishadoo.net, we welcome you to this space...the first space for us to gather and start creating the Wishadoo! Communities, where you will find how you can be part of the puzzle coming together in your community ~ online and in the "real" world.

At Wishadoo every single person can choose to Be The Missing Piece, connecting DIRECTLY, human to human.

Support, encouragement, and a hand up to ALL is found here, including those who are not used to asking for a helping hand ~ and don't know where to begin to ask ~ or receiving it when it is offered, as well as people who feel they have nothing to offer. Wishadoo opens a world of giving and receiving, making us all the givers and receivers.

Wishadoo provides the space to meet a neighbor: the single mom who cannot pay her electric bill; an elderly gentleman who unexpectedly has no transportation to his doctor’s appointment; a child asking for people to send his dad get-well cards at Walter Reed Hospital; the teacher who has written a book but can’t afford to pay an illustrator and is seeking help to bring this dream to life.

Wishadoo can also simply be a place to reach out and hold someone's hand ~ or provide a helping hand ~ locally or across the country. We are a network of individuals and will grow to invite businesses, organizations and schools to partner with their community, flourishing and manifesting dreams for those who had lost hope.

Wishadoo is about reaching out, receiving, and paying it forward, done with dignity, grace and personal responsibility, and with an open heart.

Welcome...you have found a new home, and we are profoundly grateful you have joined us. It's time to start creating this new world together. :)