Monday, April 29, 2013


The video shown below of Ronald Davis is from July 2012. The online community is trying to find Mr. Davis but, as yet as far as I know, no luck. There have been scammers setting up online fundraisers saying it's for him, but they've been discredited as being just that: scammers.

I'm posting this because this applies to SO MANY PEOPLE...people down on their luck in myriad ways, with others judging them harshly without knowing their story.

We rarely know another's story. Not really. So, in my most humble yet sincere opinion, we would do well to remember that, above all else, the stranger we encounter along our path who may be asking for our help in some way is a human being.

We need to be mindful of The Golden Rule.

It doesn't mean we are horrible people if we're cynical, but we must remember our Humanity, and see the Humanity in others. Maybe we can take the time to learn more about their story before making assumptions and judging others harshly.

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