Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Let's get TEAM USA to help animals here in the US!

I'M ASKING FOR YOUR HELP IN SHARING THIS GRAPHIC and accompanying message. It's a long shot but we can try to make it viral, right? 

This idea came to me about an hour ago after reading yet another post about athletes adopting Sochi strays (which is wonderful!). I'm trying to get helping sharing it in the hope that we can actually get someone's attention -- someone who may be able to propose this to Team USA PR/community development people. If you're on twitter or other social media and can perhaps bombard any individuals or groups...rescue groups, athletes, celebrities or put this idea on the table for consideration for TEAM USA, I would greatly appreciate it. 

Maybe our Olympic athletes can be leaders in the realm of animal welfare and get other Olympic teams to follow in more compassionate footsteps. Unfortunately, it's often easier to engage human beings to have compassion for furry friends rather than fellow humans. Many of us are tackling that as well, but for now I'm asking for your help in supporting this idea by simply sharing this. 


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We're getting ready to relaunch Wishadoo! as a community-owned cooperative, with more of a focus on building the community itself rather than promoting the individual tools available to put MEANINGFUL compassionate action into practice.  I can tell you now there will be a deepening to it all, with a strong focus on Interbeing|InterconnectednesI|Interdependence, not just humans but the Earth and all beings.

With Gratitude,

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