Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rising from the Ashes (Spirit of Wishadoo)

Within the next few days, we will be back to post more, explaining how this story ties in with Wishadoo.

Indeed, this process of coming together as related to this tragedy, is Wishadoo In Action.

For now, this post is fully focused on Dan's story and one way you can help -- how you can "Chip In." (see widget below)

As many of you may already know, Dan and his son barely escaped a fire at their complex in the early morning of 12/28/09 while they slept. They literally came away with the pajamas they were wearing. Here is a news link, detailing the event:

"They ran to the safety of a neighboring apartment building. Behind them, everything else was consumed by the flames, including fish, a turtle, a rabbit, and his dog, Daisy."

While they are grateful to be alive and safe, this tragedy is more than most of us can imagine; they lost so much...their beloved Daisy...and they are truly having to rebuild their lives from scratch. As Dan says, "one hour at a time."

Were it not for Dan's immediate family (many of you know Steph/Rain, his mom), they would be on the streets. The safety nets just aren't in place in our society as they should be, so we must help one another.

They all know they are blessed, yet this is a very, very difficult path they are walking. A path most of us can't imagine. There but for the grace of God....

Please contribute what you can -- even $5 adds up when others join to do the same -- to help them in this process of rebuilding. This is a family who has given to their family,friends and their community throughout their lives. It's time to help them. Please join me in doing so.

I can already tell you that the simple act you of taking the time to read this means the world to them all. :)

You can email Steph directly:

Here is a direct link to the Chip In page for Dan if the following widget doesn't work for you:

Please note that you can copy this widget into your own blogs, websites and Facebook pages to spread the word. :)