Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Wishadoo! Vision

Wishadoo is a free service to connect people directly – all people — empowering citizens, easing the daily struggle and enriching lives, and in the process creating more compassionate, caring communities. Wishadoo! is where people discover they are part of something bigger than themselves as we all work together to create a New Way.

This New Way will be achieved via Wishadoo! online and “real world” local communities where people connect directly, sharing needs and wishes, and helping to grant others’ needs and wishes. The Wishadoo! Communities are developed one person at a time, growing to include families, schools, organizations, and businesses, all working together to improve daily life for everyone in their own “backyard.” As each backyard grows and strengthens, the Wishadoo! Effect expands and radiates beyond geographic boundaries ~ there are no limits ~ creating a new way…a new world…thinking, wishing, doing, and creating outside the box.

Wishadoo! is a social visionary enterprise committed to and infused with the core values of integrity, respect, and compassion. The intent is to be self-sustaining and to eventually create jobs and income opportunities for others through a cooperative model.

What Wishadoo! offers is a bridge to create this new way. We invite you to take a step toward active compassion…step into a new world…and welcome to Wishadoo!